wreck Vis

a merchant ship sunk in 1960.

The Vis was built in 1921. in port Glasgow. She is 79m long and 12.5m wide. She was constructed as "rentiera" for Brodarsko a.d. "Oceanija" for whick she navigated until the start of the war. During the war she was taken by english army and set to navigate in convoys to Africa. In 1946. she arrived in Rijeka transporting aids to Jugoslavija after which she had to go to Rasa to get a cargo of coal. She sank infront of Plomin when she hit a mine.


  • Detph: -37 a -60
  • Visibility: good
  • Currents: low or none
  • Difficulty: for technical divers
  • Categoriy: boatdive
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