point Lonjica

South point from Brsec valley

The boat gets anchored near the coast, at 1/5 of the dive where the dive starts along the reef. The reef starts from 0m at complete lenght, and it gets alwazs deeper towards nord, with maximum depth of -50m. Zou follow the reef with zour right, and if you do not want to go deep you can keep the shallower part. The deep part of the reef is parellel to the coast, but with depths from -35 to -50m. The deep part of the reef hides a large red soft coral colony.

The way back on shallow part of the reef will lead you first to a large anchor, and after you reach the position of the boat you can proceed to the south and finish the dive passing through a nice small passage between rocks.


  • Depth: from -5m to -50m
  • Visibility: good
  • Currents: low or none
  • Difficulty: for all levels
  • Category: boatdive
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