Do you wish to dive in, but you never tried it?
Do you wish to learn new things by taking an advanced course?
Do you wish to begin a new professional career?



In our dive center you can do all that. Our PADI instructors will guide you and teach you new things so you can discover the underwater world, dive techniques and teaching procedures. Anyway, by us it is not only about teaching. You will start new friendships, have a lot of fun and you will have an lifetime experience.

The dive courses are made following the standards of world leader in scuba education, the PADI.
If you would like to see if scubadiving is for you, you can start withDiscover Scuba.
When you see that you like it a lot you should make a Open Water Diver course, which is a base level where you start scubadiving. In Advanced Open Water Diver you will be introduced to specific dives after which you can specialise types of diving you like by making aSpecialty diver course.
After AOWD you have to make Rescue diver, where you learn how to dive in safety and how to manage stress and critical situation.That will bring you to Divemaster. Divemaster is a first professional level which will open a lot of doors in you scubadiving career.


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After Divemaster cours you can start to assist instructors after makin the Assistant Instructor. When you have anough experience you can make Open Water Scuba Instructorand become an autonomous instructor.


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